Dear family & friends,

Today I was reminded, again, of how blessed my little family is, especially Remi. Want to know why?!

People like you!!

I can’t explain how hard it was to hear the words from a doctors mouth telling me that Remi has Down Syndrome. All the thoughts that ran through my mind was too much for me to handle at the time. I kept it to myself and immediate family only until she was 3 months. I wanted to build that connection with my daughter without others opinions except. When I finally decided to tell everyone else, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how to even tell people. So I started this blog & through this blog, I have shared my thoughts and life with Remi Jane & here is why I am thankful for you!

Since that day, you have been supportive to our family. You may think that you haven’t done much but those likes or even those times you see her picture and smile, that’s what makes us happy. When you celebrate Remi’s small victories with us after so much therapy and practice! Especially those wonderful comment that, you may not know, but means the world to us! Those email with information of DS or a story, it blesses us so much and we are so grateful! You have been such a big part in our lives by just caring for Remi! Thanks for seeing her as just Remi and not just defining her for her DS!!

This Fitz family appreciates it all & we thank you for your support in this wonderful new journey as new parents!!

With tons of love,