You know, it never fails for people to have their opinions about someone’s life. I don’t know what it is about me that people feel the need to ask me sooooo many questions about my parenting decisions. Would they prefer for me to not love my children so much or to not want so much better and greater for them in life? Is it just their envy for their lack of  capabilities to be able to do it as well? I don’t know but my patience with people is wearing thin. I have tried hard to stay calm & give them a short response that shows I am not into making a defense speech for doing what I do. Wondering what kind of parenting questions I’ve been receiving lately? Here’s a few:

  • Why do you homeschool?
  • Why do the kids have so much clothes? They’ll grow out of it fast anyway? 
  • Why such a “big” party for them if they won’t remember it? 
  • Why don’t you let them be around drinking and cussing? That’s the world now-a-days?

Why does any of that pertain to anyone else but me and Ryan? I’m not going around asking other parents, “why do you public school?” or “Why is it that your kids don’t have clean clothes on today?”. That’s literally none of my business. These questions are like asking me “why do you love your kids so excessively?”. Maybe I should comeback with,  “Why don’t you love your kids enough?”. I am, by NO MEANS, a perfect parent. I feel like I fail my children everyday and that I don’t do enough as a mother for them. This world is how it is, but I will not, willingly, put my child in an unhealthy place just to make others happy. If I have the capability of keeping my child from a greater chance of being harmed, dang it I will!

 With homeschooling, I knew since I was a little girl that I wanted to homeschool my kids. It was a dream that I am fulfilling. According to studies everywhere, HOMESCHOOLERS ARE OUT DOING THEIR PUBLIC SCHOOL COUNTERPARTS. Want a link to a few studies, message me. I’ll send you that info. 

With the clothes, I just have an addiction to cute clothes. It’s like dressing your dolls and Barbies but now it’s real life πŸ’πŸ»(we give them to people that need them when they outgrow them so it’s a winning situation)πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ 

And their parties were and are, by no means, big. It’s literally just food and cake with some decorations. Jax & Remi may not remember it in the future, but to me, being able to celebrate a life that was thought by doctors wouldn’t make it past the 2nd day, is something to celebrate. I’d make a parade for both my kids if I had the means for it. I had 22 years to be selfish. Three of those years, it was all about Ryan and I. We will have the rest of our life’s to love each other and grow that love and for now, the kids take over our day life, but once they are asleep, it’s our time to catch up with each other. We don’t need to go out for a date all the time. We make our own dates at home. Stuffing our faces and watching something interesting πŸ™Š  Now, I only have my children until they grow up and get married (more like when they start dating) to have their full love and nurture them without protest. One day they will get married and be out of my house. They will no longer be our responsibility to take them with us everywhere we go or to feed them and take care of them. I want to enjoy that and never look back to think “I didn’t spend enough time with them” when it’s too late. 

My whole point is, your opinions on parenting should just be that; YOUR OPINIONS. If no one asked for it, don’t say it because you might be that last straw and you won’t like the comeback. Believe me, I don’t agree with ALOT of people’s parenting, but if the kids are happy and healthy, I don’t need to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong! 
The End 😎